The Religion Rant

I have avoided this discussion, in English or in Spanish, simply because despite my rather strong feelings on the subject, I felt I was opening myself up to a boat load of criticism simply by sharing my thoughts.  Then something occurred to me.

1) My opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s, whether you like them or not.  I don’t like a lot of people’s opinions, but it doesn’t change them.

2) While I feel some of what I think may come off as offensive to some, I realized much of what others say or believe is offensive to me, so why should I not express my feelings just as much as anyone else?  That being said, religion is a heap of crap.

Now, before you condemn me to the Hell I don’t believe in, hear me out.  I don’t believe in any religion.  None.  Not Christianity, not Judaism, not Buddhism, none of them.  I don’t feel one religion is right while all the others are wrong, I believe they are all wrong, unless there exists one I don’t know about that shares my views, but I am doubtful.  So what are my views?  Glad you asked.

Does me saying I don’t believe in religion mean I do not believe in a god?  No.  I am not saying there is not some force more powerful than human beings can comprehend that brought all of this into existence, however, what I am saying is that none of this crap written by a bunch of uneducated heathens centuries ago to explain what they could not explain is in any way accurate.  Now, of course, that is an opinion.  I don’t know for a fact that they were uneducated, but given what we know about our distant relatives, I think it’s safe to say that those who wrote texts such as The Bible or the Koran, or any other religious text had questionable factual knowledge of what they were talking about.

So what do I believe in?

1) I believe I don’t know enough to say definitively what is right and what is wrong.

2) I believe that humanity has come far enough to understand what we could not understand in years past and if we were not so blinded by what was shoved down our throats by people who thought there were right we would see that religion is the most ridiculous hoax out there.

3) I believe everyone has the right to choose what they believe in, so if you want to believe in your particular religion, by all means, don’t let me stop you.  But don’t you dare try to push your beliefs on me.

I know that comes off a bit harsh, but I have been sorting out this whole religion thing for years, and I am actually a little upset it took me this long to get to this point.  As a child, religion was not pushed on me by my family, and for that I am thankful.  I did not go to church every Sunday (or ever) and I did not skip out on meat on Fridays.  I believed in Christmas (Santa Clause) Easter (the Easter Bunny) and my birthday as being the only holidays in the world.  I don’t light candles, make strange signs with my hands or kneel when I want to ask a non existent being for favors.  What upsets me about all of this is that I was made to feel uncomfortable by others anytime I set foot in a church, visited a friends grandparent’s house, or attended a Boy Scout meeting.  I had to act humbled by church’s and often times felt like a lost puppy anytime I attended any event that involved being religious in a any way.  My sister was married in a church, as was my best friend.  After their deaths, my grandparents funeral took place in a church.  While I was never forced to do anything, I felt awkward when all of a sudden people were reciting hymns or kneeling down next to me.  Why were they doing this?  No one cares if I sit in a church on Sunday mornings or if I eat a burger on Friday.  Why should I feel uncomfortable if I don’t know what the hell saying Grace means?  And let me say this.  I have never offered my thanks to anyone but my mother for providing food for me.

When I was younger, there was a time I felt I was missing out by not being religious.  I tried to believe in a god, but let’s look around at some things.  Like I said, there may be some greater being that exists out there, but he/she/it obviously has better things to do than take care of us, because somehow child abuse, rampant disease in third world countries, and government corruption has gone unnoticed, just to name a few things.  I know, every religion out there has an explanation for “why bad things happen to good people,” but you know what my answer is?  Shit happens.  Things happen because they happen.  Bad things happen because sometimes, things suck.  There is no karma, luck, destiny, or fortune  Some assholes get rich while a lot of us suffer.  Being a good person now will not bring you to Heaven, it will just maybe prevent some other asshole from killing you early.  If a guy wants to marry another guy, let him, he is not evil.  Who the hell are we to judge others?  I can not deny that there may have been a gentleman named Jesus Christ (it seems we have evidence of this) but I in no way believe he did anything more than try to get people to be good to one another and he got fucked for it.  He did not perform miracles any more than David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty vanish.  He did not rise from the dead.

And speaking of death, accept it, dead is dead.  Disassembled, dead.  If there were an afterlife, we wouldn’t fear death.  Unfortunately, people are afraid of their own mortality, so in an attempt to pacify the masses we told everyone that if you behave yourself (IE don’t eat burgers on Fridays) we would all pass on to Heaven.  I’m sorry, but no.  You squish a bug, it’s dead.  You slaughter a deer, it’s dead.  You fall off a bridge, you’re dead.  If you want to tell yourself it’s ok to squish bugs and kill deer, go right ahead, but accept that your fate will be no different.

We created religion as a social construct.  We needed a way to police the people so those who wanted to be in power created religion as a means to control the population.  Without real power, how else can you control the population?  And it worked.  How many people have been slaughtered in the name of religion.  How many sick fucks have justified their actions in the name of one god or another?  Well, I’m sorry but if some asshole thinks he’s going to Heaven after he molests a little boy there is something very wrong with what we have been taught to believe in.  I am not afraid of death (ok, yes I am, but I am not afraid of Hell) and I am not going to live my life based on what some ancient book tells me.

People are protesting in the name of what to me does not exist that Muslims, blacks, homosexuals, short people, whatever, should burn in hell because they don’t believe in what their particular group believes in.  We have people marching around in hoods killing people for the color of their skin.  Hate is disgusting, and the only hate I have is towards those who are intolerant of others.  Live and let live, right?  Only if you believe in what they tell you I guess.  I want to walk into a church service and shout that they are all just sheep being led on to believe in whatever it takes to get you to obey.  I think I should start dating a black male Jew who believes in premarital sexual orgies that take place every Sunday morning just to see what the people say.

My biggest fear is that someday I will find a woman I really care about and she will insist on getting married in a church.  While to me it would just be for show, isn’t it hypocritical of me to even enter a church knowing how I feel?  Like I said, my sister was married in a church.  Often I question what her beliefs really are.  I can’t tell her or anyone else what they can believe, but I hope no one expects me to pretend to believe in it.  From  now on, I will make no effort to hide my true beliefs.  Like I said, it’s not up to me to tell you what to believe in, but don’t tell me what I should believe in.

I guess that’s it.  If there really is anyone out there who reads this, feel free to share your thoughts.  I only ask you be respectful and I will return the respect.  That is all.


~ by James on August 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “The Religion Rant”

  1. Ok so… Let me start out by saying that indeed I do believe in God, because I feel it in my heart but if I’m wrong that’s ok it doesn’t hurt anything, just means I went through my life trying to be as good as I possibly could , had good morals , and did my best to be a good person.i don’t believe so much in religion, for too many reasons. One being like you said they try to force their opinion on others and judge people. I don’t believe in judging anyone or telling then what

    • …. They should believe. anyways. As far as feeling uncomfortable in a church. Why? To you it doesn’t hold the same meaning as them, but your aren’t disrespecting them simply because you don’t share their belief. You hold good beliefs of your own it seems, I don’t feel from what I’ve read that you’re a bad person. But as far as perhaps finding someone you care about with different views then yourself simple if you’re in Love. what would it hurt so long as she knew how you feel in the matter. To get married in a church so that she feels good about it, it wouldn’t change your views so nothings at stake..

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