This Is Why I Write

So I came across a blog today (see previous entry) that got my mind churning.  I was particularly amused that it was written by a blogger named James, who quite clearly must be an alternate version of myself.  I am guessing that we are not so far off in age that in addition to sharing a first name, we also share some similar views on life and our society here in the grand United States of America.  Before I get into all that, I wanted to expand on a quote I read in his initial post.  “I know some people keep them private, or only intend for their friends or family to see them, but still, all bloggers run on the assumption that what they say has meaning, even if only to themselves.” 

What interested me about that quote is that my intentions for writing, or at least my intended audience, is the exact opposite.  While he contents that the average blogger writes to his bubble of friends and family while unconsciously acknowledging that outsiders may stumble upon it, I specifically intend my entries here for complete strangers with the conscious awareness that I did not tell my bubble of  friends or family of the existence of this blog.  Are they now aware of it?  Yes, however I still maintain the objective of writing to complete strangers, outside of my bubble.  Why?  Glad you asked.

I use writing as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings.  Being a moderately quiet guy who does not maintain a huge number of social connections (my social bubble is rather small, but it’s a good one) I use this page as a way to get my thoughts out to an audience of people who do not yet have a preconceived notion of who I am.  Now I suppose if I wrote often enough one could develop an idea of who I am in reality, but the idea is that when I write something here, I could be any person with any past.  Should someone who reads this wish to comment on my thoughts or ideas, it should be based entirely on what is contained within these pages, not based on the memory of someone they tussled with on the school bus twenty years ago, or someone who attempted to date your cousin, or the guy who threw up in your front lawn on the 4th of July.  (None of these things ever happened to me, I’m just sayin’)  I have friends, I have family, but I am trying my best to keep them out of this.  Again, this is not to say I don’t want them to read this, as I have not put anything here that I wouldn’t tell them in person, however they were not my intended audience.  I suppose to an outsider that could even sound mean.  Why would I not want my family to read this?  The only way I can honestly think to describe it is to think of your own writings.  If you are reading this, chances are you have a blog of your own.  Certainly there are times you write about a topic that maybe isn’t one you would offer to mom and dad.  As a high school student, I was often requires to write essays of a personal nature.  Sometimes those essays involved details that I wouldn’t necessarily discuss at the dinner table after school.  Again, this is not to say I wouldn’t share it if I were asked, it just wasn’t my intention.  Adult film stars don’t necessarily hide their profession from their families, but I doubt they talk about it over the holidays with the nieces and nephews.  Ok, that’s over the top, but do you get my point?

I’m trying to be anonymous without being anonymous.  If you know me outside of the realm of blogging and you read this, it may surprise you, but it is what it is.  Anyway, that’s enough on that…I’ll get into the more societal issues next time around.  See ya!


~ by James on September 1, 2012.

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