A Funny Thing Happened The Other Day…

Sometimes, things just fly out of left field and take you by surprise, and sometimes, even though those things don’t make any sense at all, it somehow brings a little bit of joy and sunshine into an otherwise drab day.  What am I talking about?  Well, let’s start from the beginning and try to make some sense out of it all.

The other day, as usual, I found myself sitting in front of my laptop, hoping against hope that something interesting would jump out and take me by surprise.  Usually, after floating about Facebook for hours on end, I surrender and go to bed.  Now, as you may or may not be aware of, despite my failure in keeping any kind of regular schedule when it comes to posting here (I would like to get at least one entry in per month, but I have already failed in that goal this year) I have kept up with my goal of posting at least once a day in my Spanish language blog.  No, my life is not more interesting in Spanish, it is just that I can typically find simple subjects to write about to offer me practice and it makes me happy to ramble on in Spanish.  I am getting quite good.  Go check it out!  Anyway, I am drifting…..

So when I open my E mail, I find I have an unmoderated comment waiting for me on one of my blogs.  Instantly, I assume it’s someone correcting my grammar or choice of verbs in my Spanish blog, but no, someone has stumbled across this blog here and even left me a comment.  Now, no one, and I mean no one, even including myself had visited this blog in weeks.  I felt a little guilty for not posting anything, but here it was a comment on a post I didn’t even recall posting until I went to my page.  It wasn’t a daily post at all, but my foolish outline for the woman of my dreams.  Now I really felt silly.  Not only had someone seen that ridiculous post, but they left me a  comment.  I was sure I was in for it now, but to my delight, it was a positive review!  Look, you can go read it for yourself, I’m not going to review what it said, but needless to say, I was a bit stunned.  Sometimes I forget that even though I do put this out there for others to read, someone might actually read it!  Of course, I get so few comments, I wasn’t even sure how to respond.  I mean, I posted a thank you here, but I had no idea if my new follower would see it or not, and I wanted her, yes her, to know I had seen it and was flattered by her comments.  Now, I am not much of an internet spy, but I did find a link to her E mail in the comment and was excited to send her a personal thanks.

Honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting, but was quite pleased to get a response from her later that afternoon.  Since then, we have been exchanging daily E mails about our thoughts on life and other such absurdities.  It’s nice to have someone (who speaks English) to talk to now and again who seems to know, or at least understand some of the wild thoughts and feelings that go through my head from time to time.  I guess it’s nice to know I am not totally alone in the world when it comes to my thoughts and opinions.  Now, don’t worry, I am not about to abandon my hopes and dreams of conquering the Spanish language, but it’s nice to give my brain a rest from time to time and settle back into English for a bit.

I like having something to look forward to in my E mail inbox (aside from E mails from Amazon.com) and so far we have not run out of things to discuss.  It made me laugh that she referred to me as her new pen pal, but I suppose that’s what we are, minus the pens of course.  I have no idea what more will come of this, but it makes me happy to have found a new friend at the very least.  In any case, at least I know I have at least one reader.

Ok, I think that’s enough English for the night.  I’m off to go speak in Spanish for a while.  Talk to you soon.


~ by James on June 13, 2013.

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