And Then That Happened…..

So yesterday afternoon, I went on and on about how I was terrified of pursuing a woman I had contacted through  I hadn’t heard from her in a few days and I was worried she wasn’t interested, then I go to the gym and see her there and panic.  Instead of saying hello, I glance at her from a distance, never really 100% sure if it is her or not.  I want too send her a message when I get home, but instead I write here and babble on and on about my inability to be a grown up and go on dates with women.  I almost……almost send her a message before going to work, but decide it better to wait, think things over, and send a message after work.

So what happened?  Well, I get home after a long day at work, log on to, and what do I find?  She has already sent me a message.  My stupid fears and insecurities were really all over nothing.  I do things like this to myself all the time.  Anyway, I wrote her back and decided to include the fact that I thought I saw her at the gym and was too stupid to say Hello.  I didn’t use the word stupid when writing to her.  I don’t know if I should have told her that part or not, but I figured it really didn’t matter at that point.  I would like to meet her in person and if she can’t handle the idea that we may go to the same gym, then we both have more issues between the internet world and the real world than I first thought.

I guess the trick now is to just be patient and see where things go.  I went so far as to suggest we meet for a drink sometime, which to me is a harmless first date.  I even suggested coffee if a bar is too much.  I am waiting to see if she writes back.  She may be too busy looking for a new gym to attend to answer my request, but hopefully she will respond.

I’ve lived for 32 years in fear of going past the first date.  I realized this last night.  I can usually muster enough courage to go for a drink or a coffee, but when it comes time to man up and go on a real date, things fall apart.  I usually blame outside circumstances, but the fact is I am perpetually batting in the minor leagues and when it comes time to make it in the big show, I choke.  I have said it time and time again, but I really want this time to be different.  Wish me luck, and away we go.


~ by James on August 3, 2013.

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