OK, It’s Destini

So yesterday, as has been the case almost everyday recently, as I sat in front of my computer it was with the hopes that Destini would come online and talk to me.  I had made a pact with myself that I would not initiate conversations with her, but if she started talking to me, I would gladly respond.  Monday night, two nights ago, I saw she was online and she was posting rather sad messages, so I inquired what was wrong and when I didn’t get a response I decided it best to wait for her to come to me.  Well, last night she came to me and we talked. And we talked.  And we talked.  I believe our conversation began around 7:00 and we will still talking after midnight.  I did not want to pry, but I was curious about her posts from the night before.  Slowly, she came around and started telling me what was bothering her.

The first issue she had was with her mother.  I do not know her mother, but I know the two of them have had huge disagreements in the past.  Destini is adopted so it is not her biological mother with who she is arguing and I guess I have always felt a little bad for Destini, knowing how difficult it must be to know you are an adopted child.  She hides her feelings well and never lets it show if it does bother her, but I can not believe for a second it is not something she thinks about all the time.  My initial thoughts were that she was upset with her boyfriend, so when she told me about the fight between her and her mother, I had mixed feelings.  On one hand, I am a little jealous of her boyfriend and if they were on the verge of breaking up it would make it easier for me to flirt with her, however on the other hand, I am not evil and as long as I believe he is treating her well, I would not want her to break her heart.  We talked about how her mother yelled at her and how she decided to hide away in her room all day so I didn’t mind chatting with her, but then she mentioned her troubles with her boyfriend.

Like I said, I do not want to come between the two of them, but if she is not happy with him it changes everything.  She feels he is avoiding spending time with her, or at the very least he is too ready to cancel plans with her if something else comes along.  She has tried to talk to him and he tells her she is overreacting and apparently he says the same about the fights she has with her mother.  I told her I was a little surprised, as I had always seen the two of them act so happy together, but then she said some things that surprised me a little.  She said she gets very frustrated with him but she hides her feelings well, and then she added that she thinks she and I are very similar in a lot of ways.  I was not sure how to take this.  She says we are friends, and we are, but did she add that part to suggest maybe we would be good together?  I don’t know, but I took it as an opportunity to push things a little further.

I told her how I felt she should be treated like gold and he should be careful or he will lose her.  Somewhere along the lines I mustered the courage to tell her how pretty I thought she was and I even went so far as to ask her to dinner with me.  Yes, you read that right, and yes, as of right now, we have plans for a week from tomorrow.  Of course, a lot can happen between now and then, but let’s see how it goes.

Here’s how it went down.  I know she is a fan of the restaurant my brother works at.  The last time she went there with her boyfriend they did not have the prime rib she wanted.  Despite being a tiny little blonde, the girl can eat and I am always amazed at the things she orders when she goes out.  In any case, I told her that if I could get my brother to insure they had what she wanted, we should go out for dinner.  To my surprise, she said OK and now I have to figure out how she is seeing this.  I would call any dinner for two involving two adults of the opposite sex a date, but she may see it as something else.  Between now and next week I need to see what happens.  I asked her if she was going to try to work things out with her boyfriend and she said she would talk to him but she didn’t think anything would change.  I would say that makes things look positive for me, but last night before I went to bed, she had posted pictures of the two of them along with a message clearly meant to grab his attention.  Now, if he is done with her, the message won’t matter, but if he is just dumb and didn’t realize how upset she was, this may be a wake up call to him.  Tomorrow they’ll be together all day for Thanksgiving.  This could be a make or break day for them.

For days I was using Destini to keep my mind off Sara, but now I can not stop thinking about Destini.  She makes me laugh and I told her that, and she started sending me silly pictures from her room last night.  I told her she was cute and I liked many of the pictures she has on her Facebook.  She said thanks but didn’t say much more than that.  Of course I’m not sure what she should have said.  When I finally decided I needed to go to bed I told her “I’m not sure what the future holds, but I am glad we can make each other smile a bit.”  I’ll see her tonight at work and I am trying to decide how I should act around her.  I don’t want to appear too flirtatious as that could look bad to the rest of the crew, but I want her to know I am serious and not just asking her out as a friend.

In any case, tonight should be a telling evening for what is going to happen throughout the next week.  I will see her tonight, then again on Sunday for work and I am sure I will talk to her online as well.  I am curious to see how her day goes tomorrow.  As always, I’ll keep you posted.


~ by James on November 27, 2013.

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