Finding My Voice, Getting Back To Work

Just the other night I tried, somewhat in vain, to explain through my Spanish blog my desire to develop a voice in my Spanish writing.  No, I don’t mean I want to sound like Cervantes, per say, rather I want to have a distinctive voice in my writing.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a “true” writer, as I have never had anything published, but I would say that I enjoy writing quite a bit and I find I have a rather distinctive sound when I babble on in English.  The question is, can I ever develop an equally distinctive voice when I write in Spanish or am I destined to always sound generic and flat?

I’ve held this debate with myself several times, both when it comes to writing as well as speaking.  We all have personalities, both on paper and in person when we speak in our native tongue, but what happens when we try to converse in a foreign language, one where perhaps we are unfamiliar with the colloquialisms and subtle nuances of the language we are practicing?  On occasion I have managed to raise a few eyebrows when I do in fact use some sort of common phrase only heard in, say, Mexico, but for the most part, despite my familiarity with Spanish, I still find myself only scratching the surface when it comes to expressing myself in more vivid detail, a must for any novice writer.

One of my goals in my Spanish endeavors has always been to write a short story in Spanish, or at the very least, translate one of my English language stories over to Spanish.  I have struggled with this only because I find myself constantly searching for a way to say something in Spanish that sounds equivalent to me in English.  I find that in order for me to be able to write a short story in Spanish, I first need to be able to express myself freely in the language without constantly falling back on a sloppy English translation.

Recent discoveries of talented writers/bloggers has reawakened my desire to write more short fiction.  Whether or  not I can pull it off in Spanish is still up for debate, but I’d really like to give it a shot.  To be honest, I think a short story would help my Spanish along much better than just my (*ahem) daily posting at Tres Meses Hasta Exito (shameless plug).  Digging for the right word/phrase in English has always been fun for me, and I am sure it would become quite a challenge in Spanish, so I wonder if I am hesitant to try only for fear that it will be too hard?  With each passing day, I feel as if my limited writing talent slips even father away from my grasp.  Ten years ago I wasn’t afraid to write anything, but the criticism slowly got to me and I let my embarrassment prevent me from going on.  I know, I know, suicide for any aspiring author!  I need to brush that all aside and begin anew, but my current mindset of doing absolutely everything I can in Spanish just gives me more excuses not to try.  Just like my failed attempts at video blogging in Spanish, I worry this is just one more thing for me to talk endlessly about and yet take no real action towards accomplishing.  You’d think with all my new found confidence this would be a cakewalk.

I do have a few paragraphs of a story I started in 2011, yes, 2011, so maybe I will go back and look that over and see where I can get with it.  In any case, I’m off for now.  I’ll be back soon enough.

~ by James on September 8, 2014.

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