And Suddenly It Got Better

As you can plainly see, months have literally been passing me by without allowing me the time to sit down and write about all that has been going on.  Quite a bit has changed for me since I last found the time to talk about my life here and I am going to do my best to summarize it all before I get interrupted.  You see, on November 13, 2016, at about 1:23 PM, Veronica and I welcomed Chloe Elizabeth to the world.  I have never been so happy simply watching someone, but I could spend hours watching her sleep.  She is beautiful and despite scaring the hell out of me, I love her unconditionally and look forward to raising her as best I can.  That being said, things have not necessarily gotten better here in Spain.  Well, at least until today.

Despite it only being five hours a week, I was working as an English tutor for a time.  Unfortunately, the contract only lasted through December, and much to my surprise, I was suddenly out of work again after only being employed for two months.  I promised Veronica that I was going to be more positive about things, even when things were going badly, but it was hard to stay positive when I was once again quickly running out of money.  Since coming to Spain, I have tried to think of ways to make a living that doesn’t necessarily involve speaking English, and after losing the current job I had, I was ready to apply for work at the local gas station if that would help pay the bills.  Chloe is only going to get more expensive as she grows and I need to provide for her.

As a fall back plan, I had contacted McDonald’s in Spain months before I moved here hoping to find a job with them if all else failed.  At first, the response was a kind ‘no,’ but I recently received an offer to go talk with some people in the corporate offices and they actually offered me a position.  Now, it’s not exactly an office job.  I’ll have to start working in one of their restaurants as a general crew member and hopefully, after a six month training period, I’ll be promoted to a shift manager.  Even that position isn’t quite as prestigious as the one I held in the United States, but right now, something is better than nothing.  Now, I am not going to go and say this is the ideal job nor is it the solution to all of our problems, but after speaking again with one of the corporate people today, I am suddenly feeling a bit more confident about my life here.  I still have to confirm I want the job and I won’t start until February, but Veronica thinks I should do it and hopefully it will at least keep us afloat for a few months.

I will most likely have to take the train into the center of Madrid and I may find myself being sent to a number of different locations over the next six months, but I have gotten more comfortable taking the trains here and McDonald’s has always been a place I have felt at ease, so hopefully I will be able to ease into this without much stress.  Certainly it will not be easy, as I am not looking forward to being away from home all day, but Veronica and I both know we need to do what is necessary to take care of our baby.

In any case, I’m pleased to say things are finally looking up for me and I actually feel a bit of confidence for the coming days.  It hasn’t been easy, but perhaps things are finally getting better.  Hopefully I’ll keep you all posted often.  Bye for now.


~ by James on January 10, 2017.

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