Beyond Hope

This will be an ever evolving list of criteria for the woman I will never meet.  However, if you feel you meet these standards, by all means, say hello.

  • 5′-5’6″
  • 25-35  years old (-4 years max.)
  • Brunette (naturally) Cute & adorable, not hot
  • College educated, not pretentious
  • Bi-Lingual (Bonus points for this!) Spanish/Italian/French preferred
  • Never married/no kids
  • Sports knowledgeable, not a sports nut
  • Has opinions, not opinionated
  • Watches TV recreationally, reads books habitually
  • Holds hands in public, kisses in private
  • Visits the gym, doesn’t live there
  • Eats healthy, enjoys junk (Does NOT smoke)
  • Wine over beer, unless at a bar
  • Understands politics, not political
  • Can use thumbs for more than texting

One Response to “Beyond Hope”

  1. […] or I need to start making some serious moves on connecting with someone.  Now, I have standards.  See here for details.  Of course, really, those are just guidelines for which I will make exceptions if necessary, but I […]

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